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Cars Trucks & Vans

Cars Trucks & Vans, Inc has been in business since 1995, is locally owned and operated, and has been providing honest and reliable Auto Mechanic Services in Davenport, Iowa - as well as in Quad Cities and the surrounding areas. A new website and improved online presence were greatly needed, but luckily for them, CMR got them covered. Their new standard site with SmartList features allows their online presence to flourish as well as provide a place for customers to reach out to them. We'd like the thank Car Trucks & Vans for choosing Jasper Websites by CMR to build their new site.

See their new website at www.ctvautorepair.com

Exotic Motorsports Diagnostic Solutions

Exotic Motorsports Diagnostic Solutions provides mobile diagnostics and repairs for all European as well as diesel fleet vehicles in West Sacremento, CA and surrounding areas. 50 years of experience in the diesel repair business combined with their professional training and local background, they truly care about providing a valuable service to their community. As an up and coming business, they needed a website that would help their online presence flourish and reach customers online. Their new platinum website with SmartList features can ensure just that happens. We'd like to thank Exotic Motorsports Diagnostic Solutions for choosing Jasper Websites by CMR to build their new site.

See their new website at www.exoticmotorsportsdiagnostics.com

Melrose Automotive Repair

Melrose Automotive Repair proudly serves Melrose, FL and the surrounding areas with great customer service and affordable auto and truck repairs. Their highly trained mechanics can ensure a great and easy experience and accurate repairs. In order to grow their business overall and online, they needed a websiteto do the job. Thanks to CMR, they now have a brand new website with SmartList features, allowing them to build their online presence and reach out to their customers efficiently. Thank you, Melrose Automotive Repair for choosing Jasper Websites by CMR to build your new site.

See their new website at www.melroseautomotive.com

Avery Automotive Repair & Towing

Avery Automotive Repair & Towing is a auto repair shop employing great customer service and expert technicians to Valley Center, KS and surrounding areas. They go out of their way to make sure you have a "stress-free" experience in what could be a "stressful" situation. Their upgraded platinum site has lots of features, including SmartList and appointment scheduling, to increase their online presence and make the customer experience easier. We would like to thank Avery Automotive Repair & Towing for choosing Jasper Websites by CMR to upgrade their site.

See their new website at www.averyautomotiverepair.com

*JASPER COOP GUIDELINES: up to 100% coop reimbursement on website build and up to 50% on monthly hosting fees. (Hosting fees have a maximum of $1,000/year). We will process your billing for coop reimbursement. Website bills are sent in when launched and monthly hosting in January annually. (Large hosting bills sent in when invoiced). JASPER will send you a check or credit your account per your available coop dollars. Coop funds expire December 31st annually. New coop based on previous year sales become available January 1st. SEE JASPER COOP GUIDELINES HERE