The SMART List will help you grow.  The national average for losing customer is 10% and new customers search online.   SMART List gives you as control over your listings and expands-enhances them plus when we add new directories you get added at no cost!
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*JASPER coop approved with hosting up to a maximum of $1,000/year based on available coop earned and will be paid to you via check or credit on your account.  We do send in your paperwork as a courtesy. 


SMART List Total Monthly Hosting Package: $199/MO

Includes standard hosting plus complete online directory management program "SMART List".

Having a website within the JASPER Website Program is not required however you must be a JASPER Installer to receive the volume discount. Display the JASPER logo and page with the intention of providing the product to your customers. (Standard Cost $300/MO).

Add SEO+SMART List Total Monthly Hosting Package: $349/MO

Includes the standard hosting, plus directory management program "SMART List", and the SEO Program for 3+ articles monthly on your social media accounts & website!

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*JASPER COOP GUIDELINES: up to 100% coop reimbursement on website build and up to 50% on monthly hosting fees. (Hosting fees have a maximum of $1,000/year). We will process your billing for coop reimbursement. Website bills are sent in when launched and monthly hosting in January annually. (Large hosting bills sent in when invoiced). JASPER will send you a check or credit your account per your available coop dollars. Coop funds expire December 31st annually. New coop based on previous year sales become available January 1st. SEE JASPER COOP GUIDELINES HERE