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SOGGDA Recommended!

We are exceptionally proud to announce that SOGGDA, the Southwestern Ohio Garage & Gasoline Dealers Association Inc has chosen CMR, Inc. & it's JASPER Website program to be their EXCLUSIVE Website Vendor Partner.  This association has proudly served their members since 1948 and having another heritage program recommend us to their member garages is an honor and a commitment to excellence that we do not take lightly.  Their members can expect the same innovative ideas and programs that our JASPER shops have come to expect.  They will soon find out that picking up a phone and talking to our team is EASY, changes are EASY, and websites are supposed to be functional and EFFECTIVE.  

We hosted their annual October meeting to educate members with our seminar titled:  WHAT GOOGLE "really" WANTS finding members were interested in knowing how to empower themselves online and that our unique approach to giving them that ability was refreshing.  In some cases we were able to point them in the right direction to help themselves in growing what they had with their local provider correctly and streamline other costs with others needing more help.  It was fascinating watching them come to the realization that YES....they should be able to make changes, own their websites, and add content as well as reach out and talk to their creative team easily at a reasonable cost IF they wanted to.  

For me it was a breath of fresh air as it brought back the reason I started my company.  WHY...to empower small businesses.   HOW...by giving them insights through my knowledge base and treating their business and budget as if it were MY BUSINESS.  WHAT DO WE DO?  We GROW businesses with online marketing & websites!    It was a great day to be Marion Miller and have my team with me!!!!!  Thank you SOGGDA.  

As a bonus the new SOGGDA website was unveiled.  We completely redesigned their website for their program itself and adding a Vendor Directory for easier function and design, easy form access, a news component, and will be fixing their online profile which given their heritage 1948 origins should be strong but was all but eliminated with the surge of online marketing.  Their news program is unique to their needs and we look forward as a team here to working with them in growing their platform!  Thank you for choosing our team here in Madisonville Kentucky to work with your large group of garages across Ohio.  Visit https://SOGGDA.org


CMR Inc is proud be Recommended by JASPER Engines for their auto repair shop websites.  This heritage corporation stands for everything we believe in as a company.  You will find doing business with us to be EASY - EFFECTIVE - CONVENIENT.  Our auto and truck repair shop owners need to spend time turning wrenches not working on their websites!  *We are also now the Exclusive SOGGDA Ohio Garage Website partner.

PROGRAM INFORMATION: Websites are a one time cost and then belong to you.  All websites are mobile phone friendly and a minimum of 60 pages deep if you use all the pages.  JASPER coop reimbursement is up to 100% on our websites & up to 50% on our hosting-programming based on available balance and we turn your coop invoices in for you!* 

PICK YOUR MONTLY SUPPORT:  $199/MO SMART List Program includes 72 Online Directories working for you | Duplicates Suppressed | Enhanced with your photos, logo, information, brands, & services!    How Many Errors Do You Have Now?  CHECK YOUR BUSINESS NOW - CLICK HERE

GOOGLE SEO & FACEBOOK PROGRAM:  $349/MO includes our SMART List Program and monthly SEO articles added on your website AND Facebook for comprehensive growth bringing the two together for a solid markting foundation.



*JASPER COOP: JASPER WILL REIMBURSEUS DIRECTLY - YOU ONLY PAY THE DIFFERENCE! Your coop does expire on 12/31 each year and is based on your total JASPER sales the previous year.

JASPER Websites by CMR, Inc
Marion M Miller, President | CEO
123 Waddill Ave
Madisonville, KY 42431
Office: (270) 245-2365

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