Can you help with my email? YES

Yes.  We offer 3 options.  One a simple forward with a business email we create at the business URL to your personal email address giving the appearance of a business email address at $5 month | our CMR Program at $8/month/email or a Google Business Email Program all of which come will require a set up fee based on the time it takes to set up at your JASPER rate of $59/hour. 
(Those who are note JASPER clients will pay our $89/hour rate, remember JASPER has negotiated your rate down for you)

Many of our customers are faced with difficult issues when it comes to their email accounts and yet they need a business email with their URL address i.e.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The question is how to do it without losing sleep and spending time that you could better utilize in fixing vehicles and earning money.

Our solutions.

Simple Forward: We set it up here to go to your email and keep it safe and active.  Fee is only $5/month per email address forwarded and it will take about an hour to set it up in total for one or 10 emails.

Google Business Email Account.  This program works with any interface and is comfortable for you to use with large capacity storage - large incoming email file size availability.  You have 2 choices: We can set it up for you through Google which you will pay them $5/month or you can go through us at $10/month.  Same setup fee but if you have issues it takes less time to fix and less money to fix if we have it on our system! 

CMR Business Email Account.  Same size program as Google and works with your phone and business computer for large capacity storage the same way but More affordable at $8/month. 

How does it work?

1.  We set it up for you and if we have the URL address at our JASPER rate of $59/hour (standard rate $89/hour) unless you have lots of files on your old email address that you want moved over in which case it depends on that volume and I can't give you a firm answer.

2.  The cost are listed above.

Have we had problems moving emails over?  YES!

1. When previous providers do not want to allow you access to the email accounts or the URL address.

2.  When you have large files and store them in individual folders it takes time to convert and transfer the files as we rebuild it exactly as you left it so I always suggest you delete what you don't want moved.

3.  Some providers will not let you move any of the information at all so we need to access your computer Outlook program where you are downloading your files IF you want them on the new program.  However, I will say that if your desktop is set to download the emails then you don't really need this added expense and work as you already have the email files.  Some want it anyway and it does take time. 

Ready to start?  If you have a website with us, submit a ticket at the bottom of your website and tell us what you want - email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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*JASPER COOP: JASPER WILL REIMBURSEUS DIRECTLY - YOU ONLY PAY THE DIFFERENCE! Your coop does expire on 12/31 each year and is based on your total JASPER sales the previous year.

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