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I am proud to announce our website for Hopkins County Sheriff has won a coveted spot as TOP 20 Government website in the WebAwards 2016 competition:  Government Standard of Excellence.  An honor few have achieved and one that is both national as well as international in recipients this year.  No small feat given as you see read through the other recipients on this list such as the Department of Labor who had larger budgets and staff however, our team is strong and competitive with the ability to think outside the box. 

bestofwebHopkins County Sheriff has won a coveted spot as TOP 20 Government website in the WebAwards 2016 competition WebAwards 2016 is in it's 20th anniversary and there is no greater honor than working with my team and that of the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office as well as photographer Gina Munger who made this possible.  Well Done Team!!

Now we need to go to the next project.  With this kind of momentum we are ready.  Especially given the caliber of the other recipients in the field for Top 20 Government Website which included the following: 
Dept of Labor:
Ministry of Manpower, Singapore:
US Dept of Health & Human Services: and more.  

Our Website:

2016 WebAwards Announcement:  

We enjoy the growth and achievements but it's always about what is around that next corner and the thrill of getting there as a team. It makes awards like these extra special for us as it proves the work ethic and concept we put into action every day. 

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