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Changes FAST!

We really appreciate how FAST the team at CMR makes changes to our website.  We had new photos made and wanted to check on them and the request for adding tires to our website.  Never occurred to us to check the site as we had just sent the information in.  DONE.  Thanks from Fast Lane Auto Repair!

Big difference in the custom

Just the look we wanted.  We first chose the Advanced package which was nice but wanted that extra bit of graphics to make our website really stand out so stepped up to the Platinum website.  The difference was well worth it and just what we wanted!  - Nick Barton

New Website = Engines Sold

That was EASY!  Our new website is paying for itself and sold a JASPER Engine for us.  I had an appointment request for an install and they had done their homework on the website - NEW Customer.    Very pleased with the graphics and more importantly with how well the website works to grow our business.  - Cindy at Ortega Car Care  March 2016 **Site launched January 2016  www.ortegacarcare.net

They made it easy and really helped us.

Our website provider had issues and we needed to change quickly and then had issues with them in getting our website address which was tied to our emails.  CMR helped us find out what we needed to do and worked with us to get things saved quickly before our site went down.  They are also setting up our new email systems through Google Business Gmail.  Debbie LRE Automotive

I had no idea, thank you!

We bought a URL address in 2007 and I had No Idea how to access it.  The team at JASPER websites found the access, reset my passwords and walked me through it so now my old website works with the new one.  Made it easy and stress free as possible plus I like the new website! - Mark's Trackside  http://markstrackside.com

Our First Coupon

We had our first coupon brought in from our new JASPER website yesterday and our website has been up less than 21 days.  We chose the SMART List Hosting with the added directories and have added a new coupon today for college students! Kara, Larry's Automotive

Easy! I had a flip phone and now edit my pages!

I would not have thought it possible last month, as I was one of the hold outs and still had my flip phone.  No photos - No smart phone - No texting.  Listening to Marion at the ASA meeting made it sound easy and it really is.  Now my website is up and I actually have bought a smart phone - taken photos - have logged in and edited my pages plus made the leap to increase my NAPA AutoCare Assistant program.  All in just a couple of weeks - Bruce Taylor, New Client

I appreciated the help!

Our new website went live over the weekend and we have not had any online experience.  Marion and the team at JASPER Websites made it easy and answered all of my questions.  We had a couple of changes and thought that might take a little bit longer, but no.  We simply did not know it would be easy and want to thank the team there for being patient and walking us through it all.  -  Melissa Bird, Bird's Towing & Automotive

Top 10 Website for 2015, Thank you CMR!

We have results from our website as well as top honors!  Working with Marion and the team at JASPER Websites by CMR inc was easy and they were full of ideas on how to make what had even better as well as much easier to navigate.  We enjoyed it and every time we have a question, it's easy to get answers and to get changes.  Making the switch this spring to their program was a great decision as well as choosing to upgrade our support - hosting program to include their Smart List for an even stronger online SEO.  We are proud of having one of the Top 10 Automotive websites in the country and this program made it happen.    -  Vernie & Barb Menke  of  http://menkesauto.com

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I like it!

They had nothing to go by and did a great job in getting my website up fast and I like the new logo.  - Kneece's Car Care & Xpress Lube

Expected to leave a message

Fully expected to leave a message, but they answered the phone and made the changes I wanted quickly.  Automotive City

Kneece's Car Care Logo - Design

We asked for a professional website and a new logo as well as the added value of the additional custom graphics and the team at JASPER websites searching online for everything they could find to add into our website and we got it.  We love our new logo and the design.  Great job!  It was a great decision to work with Marion and her team. 

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I like being able to pick up the phone and get answers!

I can't believe how easy it is to get answers.  I was never able to get my other website provider to answer the phone let alone make changes, now I simply call Marion and get answers and changes fast.  A great change plus our new website is really nice.  D Lukaszek, Brian's

*JASPER COOP: JASPER WILL REIMBURSEUS DIRECTLY - YOU ONLY PAY THE DIFFERENCE! Your coop does expire on 12/31 each year and is based on your total JASPER sales the previous year.

JASPER Websites by CMR, Inc
Marion M Miller, President | CEO
123 Waddill Ave
Madisonville, KY 42431
Office: (270) 245-2365

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