Tips for Keeping Technicians and Customers Healthy

At JASPER Websites we're here to help shops. During the pandemic that we are currently facing, it's important that shops keep both their technicians and customers safe. We've come up with a few ideas for automotive shops to consider during this unusual time.
First, it's important to sanitize vehicles as they enter your shop. This will keep your technicians safe from any germs that might be present in the car as well as offering customers peace of mind that their vehicle is clean when it comes back to them. Another great tip we suggest is that shops take part in a 24 hour drop off. Allow customers to drop their vehicles off after hours and leave their key in a lockbox so that you can eliminate in-person contact. At JASPER Websites, we believe that 24 hour drop off is a great tool for everyday use in the automotive shop industry, that's why we have a form on our websites that allow for customers to easily schedule and drop off their car in advance. Lastly, we would encourage shops to provide pickup and drop off services to their customers. If extra hands are available around the shop, drive to the customers house to pickup and drop off their vehicles. This will be appealing to the customers so that they can stay in, and it will eliminate foot traffic in your shop. These are just a few ways to go the extra mile during this time. Stay safe out there, practice social distancing and wash those hands.
If you're in need of a website that offers a 24 hour drop off form or the ability to schedule appointments online, call us today! Our team at JASPER Websites would be happy to help you, call us at (270) 245-2365.
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