Google Started Mobile First Indexing - What does that mean??

First batch of Mobile First Indexing by Google started March 26, 2018 and the fourth batch of notices went through May 27, 2018.  Notifications that websites have been moved over to the mobile-first index which means the Googlebot will now use the "Mobile Version" of your website for indexing and ranking.  Goggle's crawling, indexing, and ranking systems had been using your desktop website information for anyone searching by desktop to return search results which can differ for those who have an alternative "mobile version" for mobile visitors.  Typically you will notice this when you see View Desktop Version or View Full Website Link on the bottom of your mobile view.  You also note that your website address reflect the letter m in front of it when viewing it on a mobile device.

What does that mean for those who do not have a responsive website or have an "mobile version" of their website?  How does that affect you? 
1.  Those searching by desktop will still get your desktop website version - those searching mobile will still get your mobile version.
2.  The search results, ranking and information however will be based on the information gained from using the information on your MOBILE Website version. 
3.  There will be ONE index vs. two previously if you had two versions of your website.
4.  If you do not have a responsive website that is fully mobile just the desktop do not worry,  this is only about how they gather information not how you rank.  Ranking is still about content - content - content first then other factors such as how your business looks online as a whole and is your website responsive (i.e. mobile friendly) as well as how fast it loads.

As Google continues to streamline search and ensure it is more efficient to serve their customers who are our customers, we need to adapt and ensure the following.

1.  ALL of our information is being indexed and is used for search!
2.  We use our websites as a marketing tool as much as possible to gain new business - that is the power the internet provides.
3.  Our website does indeed reflect our business as it is the first thing a potential customer sees and what their opinion is based on.

When you think about it in realistic terms consider your website - your business as if you were a customer:  Does it give you all the information needed?  Is it easy to navigate?  Is it professional?  Would you decide to do business with your company based on what you see?  If sure you are mobile and your online profile is in order and you are golden!  If not......change it to ensure the criteria is being met!

If we can help you, simply give us a call or take action here on our website. 

By, Marion M Miller, CEO JASPER Websites by CMR Inc

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